Brenna Alheiminn

by Þurseitr

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Danica Swanson
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Danica Swanson True to its intent, this is perfect music for dark Germanic ritual purposes. Made in Scotland at the Winter Solstice, this coldly primal piece channels emanations from ancestral spirits and the void, expertly weaving a tapestry of ominous drones together with haunting guttural cries welling up from the chthonic depths.
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"The Ego Must Perish, Before The Spirit May Die"

This recording was made underneath the Twelth Moon of the year Two Thousand and Fourteen, A.Y.P.S. Under the influence of the Ancestral Spirits from times long forgotten.

This day marks the Winter's Solstice, a day long feared as the longest reign of darkness in a single turn of the wheel. A celebration thusly of the Endless Winter and the Death of All.

It is upon this date that the Individual may become part of the whole and see through the veil that enshrouds our brief and meaningless existence.

Hailaz DauÞuz!
Hailaz Þurisaz!



released December 21, 2014
Recorded & Engineered by Þurseitr
Incantations, Samples and Summoning by Þurseitr



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